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Here are some fast facts on Link2quotes every Act! user should know:

Secure acceptance with instant notifications

Get an instant email alert whenever a quote is accepted, advising you of all the details so you can respond immediately. The customer also get’s emailed a copy of the accepted quote.

For extra security, the customer’s IP address is stamped on the accepted quote, and the prospect must enter an emailed security code prior to acceptance to verify their identity. Link2quotes also closes the Opportunity as Won, and schedules a post-purchase follow-up for you in Act!.

Link2Quotes Software
Link2Quote Software

Manage all your quotes in one place

The Link2quotes Dashboard displays all your quotes in one place, allowing you to easily preview  each of them, as well, as download, send, copy the quote link, and edit them on the fly.

Prepare quotes from anywhere on anything

Not near a computer? Don’t worry, you can login to Linktivity with any smart device, select an Opp from your pipeline, and send out a quote in less than a minute.

Contextual Help in each part of Link2quotes

No matter which section of Link2quotes you’re in, we offer detailed contextual help buttons that fully explain the program options of whichever section you’re in.

Works with Local & Web databases

Link2quotes works with Cloud databases using the WebAPI, and local databases using Act! Connect Link. As long as you have an Act! subscription, you can manage your pipeline and quotes with less effort and more success using Link2quotes.

Know when your prospects view quotes

Take the guesswork out of managing your quotes, by getting detailed accounts of when all your prospects view their quotes. With each quote view, Link2quotes writes back to your Opportunity History, allowing you to plan your follow-ups accordingly. Link2quotes even prevents customers from accepting expired quotes online!

And if you ever need to recall a quote, simply disable the status of the quote and the link ceases to be available.

Create new Opportunities & Contacts

Don’t be limited to converting existing Opps into quotes when you can create everything from scratch and have the data appear instantly in Act!. Link2quotes automatically generates a new Opp in Act! when you create a new quote online, and allows you to create a new contact to go with it, which also appears instantly in Act!


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